About Us

Welcome to India Silks, New Zealand  Where your trading is smooth as silk! ETHNIC WEAR at ETHICAL PRICING! Sitting in the comfort of your home or office, you can order your favourite collection of silk apparel directly brought to you from our experienced weavers and weavers' society from Bengaluru (Bangalore), the silk capital of Karnataka state in India. Indiasilks.co.nz is the hallmark of 100% pure silks for Saris and other Indian ethnic wear. We trade in genuine handwoven silk saris from the roots of India partnered with our parent company that has over six decades of everyday experience in the world of silks. After making sure we have thousands of satisfied and returning customers, we have now ventured to serve the markets in Australia and New Zealand. India is always associated with its royalty and wealth – known for its dazzling diamonds, glittering gold, sparkling silver, and of course its purest silks – rich, soft and smooth – that we ship to you even today! Weaving, as a vocation and industry, has always been one of India’s pride and traditions, that even the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, tried his dexterous hands at it! At India Silks, we work with talented and experienced weavers from South India. Currently, we engage with 65 weavers, and around 15 weaver societies that specialise in weaving an array of handwoven silk saris like Kanchipuram Silk saris, Mysore silk saris, and many more varieties of such intricate soft silks.  Currently, the industry is making it hard for many weavers to make a living for themselves and to support their families due to the cut-throat competitions that they are forced to accept heartless deals from purchasing teams, agents, and the big departmental stores and retail chains in India, who in turn top-up with 200% or more as profit margins.  The founders of Indiasilks.co.nz believe in ethical trading and are bringing the ethical trade code of conduct into their business model. Our highlights: 1) We source silk saris directly from the weavers and their societies 2) Our pricing is sharp and much cheaper than many commercial showrooms and shops in big metro cities in India 3) We ship worldwide and most of our customers receive their courier within 7 days, but we do ask for 15-20 days’ time if you live in cities or towns where flights are not very frequent especially during these Covid times.   Our motto:ETHNIC WEAR AT ETHICAL PRICING! We guarantee that your trading experience will be SMOOTH AS SILK!